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Statewide Historic Underground Coal Mine Extents and Reported Coal Mine-Related Subsidence Events Map 
This map shows the distribution of known historic underground coal mining activities (shown as red shaded areas) and related subsidence events (shown as green dots) that have been reported to the State.  The map is intended to be used up to a scale of 1:20,000.  Data will not be shown if you zoom in beyond an appropriate scale.  The base map is from the 2009 NAIP aerial photography.  A World Street Map layer is included for street names to help with locating areas of interest.

It should be noted that point data (subsidence events, shaft/adit locations) are approximate, and that subsidence related to mining activities can occur beyond the edges of known mined areas.  A legend for the map is below.

subsidence map explanation
Last Updated: 6/29/2011 9:49 PM 
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