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CGS has an Earthquake Reference Collection (ERC) which contains more than 500 references to earthquakes and faulting within the state, some rather hard to find in most libraries. The collection can be visited in our office at 1313 Sherman Street by appointment.  To access the ERC bibliography and those publications that are offered online as PDFs, use the options below.

For assistance, click on How To Use the Earthquake Reference Collection.

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Result of type: documentG3
No other canyon in North America combines the narrow opening span, sheer marbled walls of Proterozoi …
Result of type: documentCamping
… animals, including black bear that periodically roam through Eleven Mile's
Result of type: documentFishery Survey Summaries
South Platte River At Cheesman Canyon
Result of type: documentNature
Mule deer, elk, black bear, bobcat, red fox, coyote and mountain lion inhabit the foothills in and a …
Result of type: documentPlants
Plants at Castlewood Canyon State Park
Result of type: documentHistory
The canyon’s owner threatened to sell the area for a rock quarry, but public outcry at the prospect …
Result of type: documentG4
… along the upper Black Canyon, features a guided ranger narrative about the scenery and its geologic …
Result of type: documentNatural Areas Features
Escalante Canyon
Result of type: document24k_geomaps_statewide_poster_2011sep_red.pdf
!H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H!H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H!H !H !H !H!H !H !H !H !H!H !H!H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H !H …
Result of type: documentPark Activities
Eldorado Canyon




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