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Radial Dikes of the San Luis Valley - the Summer Coon Volcano 
This image illustrates what the Summer Coon Volcano may have looked
like 32 million years ago. Image: V. Matthews
North of the town of Del Norte, Colorado are exposures which provide the opportunity to observe the insides of a stratovolcano about the size of Mount Shasta in California.

The original extent of the volcano was 12 to 15 miles across, with a central intrusive complex in the throat of the volcano.  The stratovolcano has been mostly eroded away and all that is left are the radiating dikes and central plug that are the roots of the volcano.

Radiating out from the central intrusives are hundreds of dikes of varying composition; ten of the larger ones can be identified from the aerial photograph below(red arrows).

Aerial photograph of the Summer Coon radial dike swarm. Red arrows point to the more prominent dikes. Click image to enlarge.

Geologic Map of the Summer Coon radial dike swarm.
Click image to enlarge.


On-the-ground view of one of the northern rhyolitic dikes of the Summer Coon Volcano.

Simplified Geologic map of the Summer Coon Volcano showing typical pattern of radial dike swarm with central core.  Click image to enlarge.

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