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Energy Resources - Geothermal 
New energy resources for the 21st century 


Geothermal energy, or heat from the earth, is an excellent resource. It is sustainable, works 24/7, and has a minimal carbon footprint. One should be clear when discussing geothermal energy about which type is being discussed: direct use, electrical generation, heat pumps, or enhanced geothermal systems (EGS).

Historically, Colorado has been considered to have geothermal resources suitable only for direct-use applications. Until very recently, Colorado's geothermal potential for generating electrical power has been assigned little promise. This appears to be based more on a lack of study, rather than on sound science. For a short white paper on the potential, click Electrical Power Generation Potential from Geothermal Energy in Colorado.

Prior to the 21st Century, the Colorado Geological Survey published 33 reports on various aspects of the State's geothermal energy resources.  With today's improved technology, we are taking a re-look at our geothermal resources and are in the process of issuing revised and updated maps.  It is exciting to see a number of companies actively looking at the potential for generating electricity from geothermal in several parts of the state.

Last Updated: 11/20/2012 12:14 PM 
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