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Mudslides are debris flows or mudflows that are often triggered by storms in the mountains.  Debris flows (mudslides) are shallow landslides, saturated with water, that travel rapidly downslope as muddy slurries. The flowing mud carries rocks, trees, and other debris as it pours down the slopes.

Mountainous areas that have had recent forest fires are especially prone to mudslides because they have lost stabilizing trees and vegetation. Recurring mudslides can prolong the revegetation of an area for years.

July 8, 2012 - Mudslide on US 24 near Manitou Springs.  Image courtesy of
Gerhard Heller, Colorado DOT Maintenance

The Colorado Geological Survey has created a guide to assist citizens in dealing with post-wildfire hazards such as mudslides: Post-wildfire Hazards

 Colorado Geological Survey

Last Updated: 12/26/2012 3:44 PM 

Mudslide in Colorado
Mudslide in Colorado

7-10-2012  Mudslides generated by Wildfire
Check this video at about 1:24 to see a mudslide entering the Cache La Poudre River from the burn area to the north (left).

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