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The Colorado Geological Survey has a variety of publications that are useful for students, teachers, citizens, policy makers, professional geoscientists, tourists, outdoor enthusiasts, and other interested folks.  We also give numerous talks to civic and professional groups on a variety of topics. Unfortunately, a lack of resources does not allow us to speak to K-12 groups. 

We also provide many educational materials on our website to help people understand and appreciate the magnificent geology that our state displays. At the State Fair, we have a room each year in the Natural Resources Building where thousands of folks have viewed, enjoyed, and learned from our exhibits.

Our online bookstore CGS publications and selected titles of particular interest on aspects of Colorado geology. A few examples that you might find of interest are:

Also available by visiting or contacting the Colorado Geological Survey Bookstore:

  • Free geologic-timescale bookmarks
  • Free 6 X 8 geologic-map postcards
  • Free 2 X 3 geo-cards
  • Free 18 X 28 Colorado Earthquake Hazards map and brochure
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